Penthouse Living Offers Rare Opportunity

In Real Estate Market News on July 19, 2013 at 9:00 am
Penthouse Living Toronto Ontario

There are many condos in Toronto, but only a few penthouses.

Fine restaurants. Exciting entertainment. Unique shopping.

These are some of the reasons to love downtown Toronto.

Penthouse living offers high ceilings, tall windows with panoramic views and plenty of open space for entertaining and parties.

For executives, couples and bachelors in Toronto, owning a penthouse makes luxury living a reality. Living in a penthouse is something only a few people can claim.

Executives in need of a place to call home during stays in Toronto will find everything they could want with a penthouse. 


Updating the Site

In The Team on April 25, 2012 at 9:35 pm

After meeting with Ian and getting together with my assistant, we planned out the future for my website. Adding buttons on the front page and reworking on the keywords and images, I think it is starting to look fabulous! Here is a screenshot of what it looks like on the front page (for now). Who knows, maybe tomorrow or the day after, everything will start to show it’s true shine!

Basically, I am working on creating several custom pages geared towards to helping people relocate, retire, luxury homes, investment properties such as rentals or even out of city cottages (living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!), and working on my YouTube channel. I know there’s not much but media does take a bit of time especially since I am running around everywhere!

There’s only so much time in a day and I am willing to put out 200%! That 200% goes into you INVESTORS! I dedicate every aspect of my time for my clients. I treat them with my utmost undivided attention.

Hope to hear from every one of you!

Happy investing!

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Meeting With Ian

In The Team on April 25, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Good Morning Investors!

Yesterday evening I had a meeting with an expert from WebTech Dezine and discussed about amendments for my current website. He checked out my analytic statistics through Google and discovered that I rose up to 30% in online visitor’s trafficking. That’s wonderful news! Clearly our team is doing something right and hopefully leading to prosperous results. Apparently I have visitors who stayed on my site for more than 18 minutes! That’s wonderful, but I still don’t know what they’re reading for 18 minutes, but I am loving it!

Ian made excellent suggestions and I am currently implementing those ideas as of this moment! Stay tuned for the new and improved website!

I am thinking about creating buttons on the front page to make it easier for visitors to access information.

My assistant is adding wonderful pictures to the site from renowned building companies such as Acorn Homes, Fieldgate Homes, Madison Homes, and Fernbrook. Wonderful websites and lovely designs, go check them out!



Alright Investors, it was nice writing to you. I will catch you later until next time!!

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The Oleg Chernyakhovsky Team